Do 20% less and achieve more!

woman on phone in carJane spends her life on the road – covering 26,000 miles per year selling technical services products to companies around the UK. With so much ground to cover, she’s always been a rush, driving as fast as she can get away with. Caught in slow traffic? She would “Drive up close behind the car in front, to try and speed it up.”

The result? Her sales figures were good, but she was starting to get “frazzled” by her work, and it was taking her longer and longer to recover at the end of the day.

So she signed up for a mindfulness course. Four weeks in, starting to really see the patterns of stress in her life, she decided to try something new. She tried putting 20% less into her day.

With the extra time between appointments, she started driving at the speed limit. “In fact,” she said, “even when things go wrong (as they always do), I still have plenty of time.” She realised that arriving early wasn’t a waste of time, but a valuable opportunity to catch up with emails and phone calls.

You won’t be surprised to hear that she found herself feeling much fresher at the end of the day.

But you might be surprised to hear that her sales figures actually went up.

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Like some more Happiness?

Causes of Happiness

Where does happiness come from? According to one study (Lyubomirksy, Sheldon and Schkade), it’s 50% genetic, 10% due to circumstance and 40% due to how we respond to circumstance. You obviously can’t do much about the 50% genetic component – although if other people seem happier, it may help to accept that they may just have better “happiness […] more...

Do We Know Too Much?

graphic of circle of concern and circle of influence

There are so many different benefits of Mindfulness, I’m always interested to know what people are most interested in. So I was really pleased to hear from Julia, an L&D specialist for a large energy provider: A radio interview with Ruby Wax talking about mindfulness caught my ear a couple of years ago.  She made a lot […] more...

Becoming a “Mindful Nation”?

Mindful Nation 2705 100px

Could the UK become a “Mindful Nation”? That’s the question an All-Party group of MPs are asking. Yesterday they presented their interim report on how mindfulness could enhance our health, education, work and even criminal justice. I found the whole event very inspiring. Our media is full of so much petty bickering between politicians, and so much self-serving behaviour, […] more...

Is Mindfulness changing Politics?

Houses of Parliament

Mindfulness is really catching on the UK – even at government level. Last week I found myself in the Houses of Parliament, at a “round table” meeting on the future of Mindfulness in the workplace. We heard evidence, case studies and success stories from Cranfield University, CaptialOne, GlaxoSmithKline and others. I was particularly pleased to hear about the […] more...

Leaving The Office On Time

fireworks for a busy day

November 5th – here in the UK it’s “Bonfire Night,” an evening of festivity and fireworks. So lots of us will be thinking, “How can I get away from the office on time, even though there’s too much to do?” One option is to simply try and cram it all in. But today is also […] more...

How can 3 breaths make such a difference?

Man stretching and breathing deeply in forest

The simplest and quickest way I know to get a bit of relief from stress goes like this: Take 3 deep breaths. Each time, breathe in deeply (without forcing it), then breathe out slowly and smoothly. How can this be so effective? Well, it’s having a direct effect on two parts of the brain Share […] more...

Burnout – back from the brink

Business man in handcuffs - manager in manette -

Stewart had been pushing himself for years – achieving great results, but at a price. He’d got used to being stressed, but now something very strange was happening. He felt like he’d gone into a vague cloudy world in which nothing really mattered. He’d completely lost his edge. Then he came for coaching – just […] more...

How Niklas resolved a 2 year deadlock in 5 minutes

Niklas in Meeting

As CEO of an IT consultancy, Niklas knows how crucial security is to his customers. Yet there was one potential issue he and his team had been grappling with for over 2 years. Despite 20 or 30 attempts, they hadn’t even been able to define the problem. Then he changed tack, and within 5 minutes […] more...